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We are happy to say, NJ Teamsterz FC‘s (NJTFC) first half of 2021 kicked off better than we expected. We started at the top of the year with newly hired and trained front office staff. By March, we announced that our U23 team would play in the A-division for Garden State Soccer League (GSSL) and under the direction of Coach Logan, a former NJTFC centerback. We welcomed our new Coordinator Kathy Woods and New Media Associate Mackenzie Woodto the organization. 

There were a few small setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic and had to reschedule matches when players from our squad and our competitiors, developed COVID-19. We implemented protocols within the organization and immediately rescheduled the next match and any match scheduled within 14-days from our notification from our player, cancelled practices, notified all players and staff, and recommended COVID tests as well as, quarantine for 14-days, in accordance with the CDC.  That was a mouthful to write!

Our U23 squad had a late start playing in the division but thanks to GM Alex Geraldino, Kathy Woods, Coaches Logan & Goalie Coach Brett Axelrod, we had a pretty good season, ranking top #5 in GSSL A-Division.  Alex Geraldino was asked his thoughts about the 2021 spring season he stated, “I’m happy with the results and I’m looking forward to a bigger and better season.” 

We’re getting ready to hold trials for men U13-U19 and women U19-U23. The players that we want should be experienced and ready to be further developed, loaned and/or promoted to our Reserve or 1st division squad. We are very interested in finding elite female players for our pro-am women’s squads in United Women’s Soccer (UWS).

If you’re interested in trying out for a men’s squad, registerhereand for women’s trials registerhere to reserve you spot. 

NJ Teamsterz anticipate playing this 2021 fall season with NISA Nation, a Pro-Am league. Alex often says, “NISA Nation will be a great dress rehearsal into NISA’s pro system.” We also anticipate playing this fall in GSSL, too. The goal is to keep everyone, who could potentially earn a spot, ready to strike on Head Coach Javier Romero‘s 1st division team. We’re excited about Javier’s return to the pitch. You may have spotted him at U23 matches scouting the players for the pro team. The good news is, he’s promoted 5 players to train with the 1st team. It’ll be up to the players to take advantage of the opportunity. 

Thinking like a pro, our front office reseached marketing opportunities that would allow us to attract tourists. According to VisitNJ.org, the state received 86.4 million visitors in 2020 and we would like to tap into that audience. We’ve applied for a grant to help us market to the tourists from the U.S. and abroad. Our CEO, Sibrena Geraldino had a small window of time to write the grant. This was her first time writing a grant. She was up for the challenge and met the deadline. We’ll let you know if we’re awarded the grant byway of a press release announcement, sometime in September 2021.  

Look forward to seeeing the men’s squads train for the fall season and look for the fall schedule on our website and NJ.com calendar. Expect to see some female players on the practice pitch, before our winter break. 

Although we are a small club, we are very ambitious to take a Pro-Am club to pro in 3 years. This takes ambition, drive, and the will to put in the work. We have created goals, smashed them and now we’re onto the next challenge. Many of our family & friends have invested in our dream and we’re so thankful. Strangers who love soccer and who love the fact that of a couple – who knew nothing about the beautiful game – decided to use their retirement money to invest in New Jersey’s soccer players & coaches. 

The Geraldino’s, who have continued to honor their commitment by continuing to invest in our club however, still need your help. Check out our crowdfunding through WEFUNDER. This is not angel investment campaign. We selected wefunder so that you can grab shares for as little as $100. Join us! You too can have a piece of our homegrown club with a global mindset! Check out our WHY we are doing what we do here. 

We want to thank our players who worked hard to win matches and represent the crest to the fulliest. We recognize how hard you all worked to get on the pitch and perform to the best of your ability. The wins were great and the losses were lessons learned. 

As for the organization, we’re doing what we know best; minding our own business, continuing to set goals, get things done and look for the best talent on the field and for our front office! If you’re looking to work with our soccer & entertainment startup, look at our JobOpportunities tab on the home page. Below the Job Ops tab you’re now able to invest in the club, register for trials and sign up to receive our newsletter! We’re listening to your ideas and moved some critical information to an easily accessible and visible spot. Keep the suggestions coming and thank you in advance for the helpful suggestions. Peace & good vibez to you all and like our motto says, #standready2strike!

Best Regards,

NJ Teamsterz FC

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