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NJTFC: You’re the new Business Development Advisor for NJTFC, tell us a little about your educational background and where you’re from? 

SA: I am from Rockaway Beach, Queens NY and graduated from St. John’s University with a BA in Sports Management. 

NJTFC: Nice! How long have you been in business development and for whom, prior to joining the club? 

SA: I have worked in developing business for almost 10 years working for top organizations such as the New York Red Bulls in MLS, New Jersey Devils & Prudential Center in the NHL, Hartford Athletic in the USL, and finally with Staten Island Yankees in MiLB. 

NJTFC: Very impressive background. How did you hear about NJTFC and what made you decide to apply for the position? 

SA: I saw the growth potential for NJTFC as soon as I saw a few postings on social media about what Alexsi was doing. Together with Sibrena our CEO, he was searching for top talent, forming partnerships, pushing brand awareness, and was creating a team from the ground up in New Jersey which has a very passionate soccer market.  

NJTFC: You’ve worked in sports for a while, what made you want to work in the soccer industry? 

SA: Sports & Entertainment is the best industry in my opinion and soccer is the world’s game making it such an exciting platform of entertainment that is relatable to just about everyone worldwide. Understanding this is what initially drew me to the business of soccer. 

NJTFC: What are 2 short term goals for the club – without giving up some of our exclusive strategies? 

SA: I believe creating an environment that is great for everyone is one of the most important tasks. This would include the business community, youth sports, community relations, and creating a world class experience for our local friends and family in the Bayonne community. Another goal is becoming a pillar of excellence within our community having a strong presence where we work hard and play hard everyday. Our community will get to know us and will understand that we are here to help make a difference as well. 

NJTFC: Where do you want to be 3-years from now? 

SA: Three years from now, I would like to look back and feel proud of what we created with NJTFC by having sold out matches, long term friendships and partnerships within our community, and also feeling excitement for all the new talent that we molded into industry rockstar’s down the line.  

NJTFC: What are your thoughts about the club’s vision? 

SA: I believe the club will be successful based on the energy, love, passion, and over knowledge that it was born from with Alexsi and Sibrena’s guidance. The idea of forming NJTFC, growing the business into a profitable operation, and then ultimately making a strong push into the professional leagues in the US soccer pyramids is an amazing experience to go through.  

NJTFC: Thank you for your time. How can our fans find you on socials? 

SA: They can find me at Stewart Azoron LinkedIn and @Mr_Azor on Instagram.  


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