The Teamsterz are back in action against Meadowlands FC this Sunday at 8 AM in Secaucus, NJ.


Player to Watch: Justin Casanovas

This weekend’s match comes with plenty of history. NJTFC’s captain, Justin Casanovas, used to play for Meadowlands FC in addition to other Teamsterz. Along with players, NJTFC Coach Logan Kovach coached at Meadowlands FC in Fall 2020. “Every game is important, but some carry a bit more meaning. It may be due to the standings or club rivalries. This one has a bit of both. So tomorrow, let’s stand ready to strike!” Casanovas said.

The Opponent

Player to Watch: Gustavo Grisales

Grisales is a player who is a threat all over the field. Coach Logan Kovach said of Grisales’ strong strikes, “Any free kick within 35yds of our goal, NJT can consider dangerous.” Meadowlands has talent all over the pitch, but their recent performances show a weak second half performance, with Meadowlands losing their lead and eventually the game in their last two matches. Look for NJTFC to try to capitalize on this no matter what the score is at the half.

Game Information

Sunday 4/25 vs. Meadowlands FC

8:00 AM

Laurel Hill Park, Secaucus, NJ

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