NJTFC Technical Coach Dennis Lukens, a UEFA ProCoach, conducted the 1st soccer trials for the fall 2021 season while Head Coach Javier and Coach Valery evaluated the players. We asked the super star UEFA Pro Coach a few questions, and this is what he had to say!

NJTFC: Tell me a little bit about your professional experience and all about your annual camps here in the USA? We heard you’ve been in Ukraine and Ireland during the pandemic.

DL: I have coached professional soccer as a Head Coach with the Boston Storm of USISL, the Bay Area Seals of USL “A” League and Technical Director for the California Cougars of MLS. I then coached the St. Lucia Olympic Team through 2008 CONCACAF Olympic Qualification Tournament. Afterwards, I served as the Selection Coach for FC Sevastopol from the Ukrainian Premier League, was Head Coach of Kherson Krystal and FC Shipbuilders of Ukraines 2nd division! I run soccer camps each summer in multiple locations focusing on elite players and their development.

NJTFC: Wow, that’s a very impressive CV! How do you know our Prezi, Alex Geraldino

DL: We met a few years ago when I began working on owning a team in the League of Ireland. Alex & Sibrena are my partners on the project.

NJTFC: You’ve spent a good 2 days with Alex & Sibrena Geraldino. I’m sure you’ve watched the Discovery Channel show “I Quit” so, tell us about your experience with them? 

DL: We had a great time together! Alex & Sibrena took great care of me as they were kind enough to invite me to stay in their home. We had a lot of laughs together, in between the work.

NJTFC: How was your 1st experience conducting trials for the club and when will you return to the USA, how can fans follow you on socials?

DL: The tryouts were absolutely great. Young players working hard and giving 100% to make the Teamsterz FC. Many players with great potential showed up. Big respect to Alex and Sibrena for putting their heart, soul and money into the Teamsterz FC. Regarding what’s next for me besides being an offical “Teamsterz” technical director, I likely will be coaching a 2nd division team in Ukraine again soon, so I expect to return 2022 plus, we (Dennis, Alex, Sibrena and partners) are still working on the Irish project. 

You can find Dennis Lukens oon socials @IrishSeasFC on IG and @IrishSeaFC1 on Twitter. We would like to thank all of our coaches for their dedication and the players for putting in that work. Stand ready to strike!

Photo Credit: Alex Geraldino

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