NJ Teamsterz FC is excited to announce Ghost Hawk Brewing Company (Ghost Hawk) is the club’s new title sponsor for the fall 2021 NISA Nation season! Ghost Hawk will have premier signage on our 1st team’s uniform jersey and field placement at Don Ahern Veterans Stadium. We had a chance to chat with Clifton, New Jersey native Tom Rachelski, president of Ghost Hawk. Ghost Hawk was founded by Tom, Graphic Designer Steve Bauer, and professional brewer Chris Sheehan. Tom shared some jewels about the beer industry and more. 

NJTFC: We’re so hyped to have Ghost Hawk as our official beer partner! Tell me where you’re located and when and how you and your partners got started in the beer industry? 

Tom: We’re located in Clifton, NJ, across the street from the world-famous Rutt’s Hutt hotdog joint. I’m new to the beer industry, but a lifetime entrepreneur. Our brewmaster Chris Sheehan is a grizzled veteran, who has been brewing for close to 30 years and has 9 medals from the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). We’re fortunate to have such a talented brewer (and in my opinion a chef) on our team. 

NJTFC: How did you come up with the name, Ghost Hawk? 

Tom: The name Ghost Hawk is a tribute to our co-founders Steve Bauer’s brother Danny who passed away in 2016. He had lifelong obsession with hawks, and you can read more about the story behind our name on our website.

NJTFC: I’m sorry to hear that and glad you guys found a way to pay homage to Danny. Can you educate us on brewing beer, what ingredients go into brewing, or does it depend? 

Tom: Interestingly, the recipe for beer is very simple. There are only four ingredients: water, malted grain, hops, and yeast. Of course, there are hundreds of different types of each ingredient and depending on the mix up you can create a plethora of flavors.