Soccer clubs and fans all over the world enjoy the kit unveilings and guess what? The family and friends of NJ Teamsterz are no different! We were all wondering, what will our 2021 fall season outfits look like and who design them? Low and behold, Umbro USA is finally our partner and it all started with our late friend Phil Pabon, who succumb to cancer during the summer of 2021. Pabon worked with streetwear brands FUBUPhat FarmBaby Phat, and more. He was considered a “forefather” of streetwear. 

This year things went a little different for us, concerning our kits, and believe it or not, it all started in 2017 when we first approached Umbro USA. Sibrena Geraldino recall the introduction, several years ago. She remembers, “I called an old friend who was a fashion & hip hop icon, Phil Pabon. Phil was an old friend and new Bayonne neighbor for me, as I didn’t know at the time that Bayonne was a popular homestead destination for people in the entertainment and fashion industry due to our proximity to Manhattan. I asked Phil to help us find a fashion home so he reached out to a few colleagues after talking to us about our kit and merch goals, and I’m so grateful for Phil, he’s truly a guy who loved the business and he is one of the few people that didn’t hesitate to help us find the perfect partnership.” 

At the time, NJ Teamsterz didn’t solidify a deal with Umbro until 2021. Timing is everything and you know the saying, “Good things come to those that wait,” right? Well, it was well worth the wait. Who wouldn’t want to wear an iconic soccer apparel brand on the pitch? 

For the past 3-4 years, Alex Geraldino has stayed engaged with the executives at Umbro USA. We would see the Umbro team at soccer conventions, conferences, and eventually, the relationship grew to the partnership that we have today. “I liked the checkerboard shorts that was Umbro’s latest style. I picked the colors red because it’s consistent with our crest and black is great for the winter. The gradient numbers are a tribute to our first uniforms which had a gradient jersey design,” says Alex who has in the past, designed uniform kits and most of our merchandise online. 

Well, it’s all came together and I must admit, we look good! A big shout out to Dan from FC Austin Elite, Pete Sparaco from Umbro USA for all that you’re doing for us, and a HEAVENLY THANK YOU to our forever homeboy, Phil Pabon – thank you for your wisdom and guidance!