NJ Teamsterz FC to Sponsor Super Agent Leigh Steinberg's 35th Annual Super Bowl Party

Bayonne, New Jersey – New Jersey Teamsterz Football Club (NJTFC), a NISA provisional professional 3rd division men’s and Pro-Am women’s soccer club is an official sponsor at the 35th Annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party on February 12, 2022, at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, California.

This year’s theme is “Storytelling” and is the 25th anniversary of the movie “Jerry McGuire,” a biopic film based on the life of Leigh Steinberg, also filmed on Sony Pictures Studio lot.

This year’s party is the launch of NJTFC’s 2022 marketing campaign, introducing football fans to futebol, marketing, and advertising alongside the largest sporting event in the U.S., thanks in part to support from the State of New Jersey’s Travel & Tourism Division, and NJTFC sponsors Ghost Hawk Brewing Company, BCB Bank and Rehab KinetiQ.

NJTFC will brand 12 tabletops at the social area where fans can tap the QR code to learn about the club and enter to win 1 of 10 curated commemorative gift boxes made of Birchwood. Only one lucky fan will win NJTFC’s 1st tangible NFT minted by LITH Token that includes the linked physical Litty Kitty, which could be sold via auction on any Ethereum based NFT marketplace. The Teamsterz NFT includes a sustainable birchwood box alongside a matching Teamsterz crested keychain and 2 jerseys signed by both founders Sports Agent Alexsi Geraldino, an alumnus of Leigh Steinberg Sports Academy and former NFL=EFL Cornerback, and Sibrena Stowe-Geraldino, the first African-American female principal owner and operator.

“We’re excited to market NJ Teamsterz alongside someone as influential and reputable as Mr. Steinberg and we get to support social impact through charities. NJ Teamsterz is a growing organization. We’ll continue to come up with innovative ideas like our partnership with LITH Token for our 1st NFT thanks to Bosston Rob, LLC. We’ll continue to think outside of the box to grow our audience, engage with fans, bringing them to our home at Don Ahern Veterans Stadium,” says Alexsi Geraldino.

About NJ Teamsterz FC: www.NJTeamsterzFC.com
NJ Teamsterz FC was founded in 2017 and is a men’s and women’s pro-am developmental team organization; we’re members of the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) and United Women’s Soccer (UWS). Our mission is to evolve as an open and multicultural soccer club, respected in the U.S. and around the world for its achievements in sports and its values which coincides with the club’s operating with the ‘Spirit of Excellence’ on and off the pitch, and contribute to fulfilling the expectations of its supporters.

About Steinberg Sports & Entertainment: www.SteinbergSports.com
Steinberg Sports & Entertainment is a full-service athlete representation, marketing, and consulting firm. With over 80 years in the industry, SSE has guided the careers of hundreds of athletes, broadcasters, and coaches as well as consulted for corporations, charities, and entertainment properties to achieve optimal success. With a commitment to paying it forward, SSE produces several world-class events to teach the next generation of professionals.

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NJ Teamsterz Collab w/LITH Token for 1st NFT Debuting @ Super Bowl Event

NJ Teamsterz Collab w/LITH Token for 1st NFT Debuting @ Super Bowl Event

Bayonne, New Jersey – New Jersey Teamsterz Football Club (NJ Teamsterz FC), a NISA provisional professional 3rd division soccer club, is excited to announce a partnership with LITH Token, a new cryptocurrency centered around sustainability and ethics in business.

NJ Teamsterz FC, Visit Hudson NJ and LITH Token collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind tangible non-transferrable token (NFT) that can only be obtained at the 35th Annual Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party 2022 on February 12 at Sony Pictures Studio in Los Angeles, California. The unique concept will be used to market the club and to promote fan engagement. “We’re excited to launch our first working product with our proprietary version of a physical NFT, by giving it away at the Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party,” said Adam Roorda, the Blockchain Architect for LITH Token, “and there’s no better partner to do it with than Sibrena and Alex.”

The exclusive NJ Teamsterz FC NFT minted by LITH Token will debut at super-agent Leigh Steinberg’s 35th Annual Super Bowl Party, as the invite-only guests will have the opportunity to win the 1st ever NJ Teamsterz FC NFT by using the QR code at selected tabletops sponsored by NJ Teamsterz FC, supported in part by a grant from NJ Department of State, Division of Travel & Tourism.NJ Teamsterz FC’s Founder & Sports Agent Alexsi Geraldino is an alumnus of Leigh Steinberg Sports Academy. Geraldino is a former NFL’s EFL-Cornerback and earned a championship ring at Frankfurt Galaxy and briefly played for Graz Giants and Stuttgart Scorpions. Marketing NJ Teamsterz FC alongside LITH Token at America’s largest sports event, at the 35th NFL Super Bowl Leigh Steinberg Event, is a dream come true. Geraldino says, “Marketing alongside LITH Token at the 35th Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party will bring great exposure to NJ Teamsterz FC by way of fan engagement at the event, we’ll bring fans into Don Ahern Veterans Stadium in Bayonne by giving away lifetime season passes and to at the same time, the social impact of giving back will make a difference to some kid. We would not have been able to do this if it weren’t for the support from the State of New Jersey’s Travel & Tourism Division.”

Partner and CEO Sibrena Geraldino added, “Alex and I have always thought outside of the box when we market our club. American football to the “original” football is a great marketing strategy. Many NFL owners invest in pro soccer teams abroad but in our case, a former professional football player – Alex Geraldino – has found a way to market our American pro soccer team with America’s biggest sport, American football. We want a piece of that market share to bring fans to New Jersey. We’re looking forward to gaining new fans and giving back to Bayonne’s Special Needs Soccer Camp and Friends of New Jersey Teamsterz FC!”

Two New Jersey-based nonprofit charities mentioned will receive proceeds from the sale of NJ Teamsterz minted NFT.

NJ Teamsterz FC will present 10 football fans with curated gift boxes made of birchwood, to include commemorative items including lifetime VIP Pass to all soccer matches, an official jersey, a birchwood key chain, and more. But only one lucky winner will receive the minted NFT that includes the linked physical Litty Kitty, which could be sold via auction on any Ethereum based NFT Marketplace. Provided this has disruptive technology attached to it, as a first version, and its collectible value could see drastic value increases over time.”

For 34 years, Leigh Steinberg super-agent, and one of the most influential figures in professional sports, has brought together leaders in athletics, business, politics, tech, entertainment, and the nonprofit world for his annual Super Bowl celebration, and for the 25th anniversary of the film, “Jerry McGuire,” as communicated by Steinberg Sports. This year’s event will be held on Sony Pictures Entertainment Studio Lot.

On par with NJ Teamsterz FC & LITH Token’s beliefs regarding social impact, Mr. Steinberg is also committed to bringing attention to brain health & wellness while honoring stories of the past, and the future, with support to the non-profit, The Lantern Network.

About NJ Teamsterz FC: (www.NJTeamsterzFC.com)

NJ Teamsterz FC was founded in 2017 and is a men and women’s pro & developmental team organization; we’re members of the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) and United Women’s Soccer {UWS}. Our mission is to evolve as an open and multicultural soccer club, respected in the US and around the world for its achievements in sports and its values which coincides with the club’s operating with the ‘Spirit Of Excellence’ on and off the pitch, and contribute to fulfilling the expectations of its supporters.

About LITH Token (www.LITHToken.io):

The LITH mission is decentralizing and incentivizing a cleaner future through cryptocurrency. The LITH Token (ERC-20 & ERC-1155) will be the cryptocurrency of choice for sustainable and socially conscious businesses to thrive. LITH utilizes blockchain technology to create an environment where all stakeholders within an ecosystem are incentivized to work together towards a common goal, creating a better world through decentralization and accountability in business.

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Soccer clubs and fans all over the world enjoy the kit unveilings and guess what? The family and friends of NJ Teamsterz are no different! We were all wondering, what will our 2021 fall season outfits look like and who design them? Low and behold, Umbro USA is finally our partner and it all started with our late friend Phil Pabon, who succumb to cancer during the summer of 2021. Pabon worked with streetwear brands FUBUPhat FarmBaby Phat, and more. He was considered a “forefather” of streetwear. 

This year things went a little different for us, concerning our kits, and believe it or not, it all started in 2017 when we first approached Umbro USA. Sibrena Geraldino recall the introduction, several years ago. She remembers, “I called an old friend who was a fashion & hip hop icon, Phil Pabon. Phil was an old friend and new Bayonne neighbor for me, as I didn’t know at the time that Bayonne was a popular homestead destination for people in the entertainment and fashion industry due to our proximity to Manhattan. I asked Phil to help us find a fashion home so he reached out to a few colleagues after talking to us about our kit and merch goals, and I’m so grateful for Phil, he’s truly a guy who loved the business and he is one of the few people that didn’t hesitate to help us find the perfect partnership.” 

At the time, NJ Teamsterz didn’t solidify a deal with Umbro until 2021. Timing is everything and you know the saying, “Good things come to those that wait,” right? Well, it was well worth the wait. Who wouldn’t want to wear an iconic soccer apparel brand on the pitch? 

For the past 3-4 years, Alex Geraldino has stayed engaged with the executives at Umbro USA. We would see the Umbro team at soccer conventions, conferences, and eventually, the relationship grew to the partnership that we have today. “I liked the checkerboard shorts that was Umbro’s latest style. I picked the colors red because it’s consistent with our crest and black is great for the winter. The gradient numbers are a tribute to our first uniforms which had a gradient jersey design,” says Alex who has in the past, designed uniform kits and most of our merchandise online. 

Well, it’s all came together and I must admit, we look good! A big shout out to Dan from FC Austin Elite, Pete Sparaco from Umbro USA for all that you’re doing for us, and a HEAVENLY THANK YOU to our forever homeboy, Phil Pabon – thank you for your wisdom and guidance!

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NJ Teamsterz FC is excited to announce Ghost Hawk Brewing Company (Ghost Hawk) is the club’s new title sponsor for the fall 2021 NISA Nation season! Ghost Hawk will have premier signage on our 1st team’s uniform jersey and field placement at Don Ahern Veterans Stadium. We had a chance to chat with Clifton, New Jersey native Tom Rachelski, president of Ghost Hawk. Ghost Hawk was founded by Tom, Graphic Designer Steve Bauer, and professional brewer Chris Sheehan. Tom shared some jewels about the beer industry and more. 

NJTFC: We’re so hyped to have Ghost Hawk as our official beer partner! Tell me where you’re located and when and how you and your partners got started in the beer industry? 

Tom: We’re located in Clifton, NJ, across the street from the world-famous Rutt’s Hutt hotdog joint. I’m new to the beer industry, but a lifetime entrepreneur. Our brewmaster Chris Sheehan is a grizzled veteran, who has been brewing for close to 30 years and has 9 medals from the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). We’re fortunate to have such a talented brewer (and in my opinion a chef) on our team. 

NJTFC: How did you come up with the name, Ghost Hawk? 

Tom: The name Ghost Hawk is a tribute to our co-founders Steve Bauer’s brother Danny who passed away in 2016. He had lifelong obsession with hawks, and you can read more about the story behind our name on our website.

NJTFC: I’m sorry to hear that and glad you guys found a way to pay homage to Danny. Can you educate us on brewing beer, what ingredients go into brewing, or does it depend? 

Tom: Interestingly, the recipe for beer is very simple. There are only four ingredients: water, malted grain, hops, and yeast. Of course, there are hundreds of different types of each ingredient and depending on the mix up you can create a plethora of flavors. 

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The Teamsterz U23 are set to take on Royal Soccer Club this Sunday at 8 PM in Elizabeth, NJ.


With two weeks rest after the 3-0 win vs Kearny, look for the Teamsterz to have extra energy heading into the match. Using their heavy ball movement they look to continue their quick and dynamic play style. A player to watch out for is man of the match from the previous game, CB Will Davis. Davis anchors the defense and helps hold form to let the offense go to work.

The Opponent

Royal Soccer Club is coming off a 2-0 win against the Englewood Red Devils, with three losses prior. Expect Wellingto Wortee to be an important player in the game, with a goal and an assist in the 2-0 win. 

Game Information

Sunday 4/11 vs. Royal Soccer Club

8:00 PM

Mattano Park, Spring & 5th st., Elizabeth, NJ 07202

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Jordan MacQuarrie works hard for NJTFC on the field and for his community off the field. MacQuarrie, who scored two goals in the first U23 game of the season, is a founder of Tech Academy Soccer in New Jersey. Today we talked to him on the success of Tech Academy Soccer:

How did you get the idea and how did things get started? Who has helped you along the way?

“Tech Academy was born out of a simple idea: bringing high quality, game related and affordable training to the entire soccer community. Cristina Estremera also owns the company. She played and coached for the women’s soccer team at Rutgers Newark and currently plays in the UWS.”

What do you do on a daily basis with Tech Academy?

“We specialise in technical work and position specific training. We wanted to really focus in on how to train effectively to really impact a players game day performance. We coach some of the top youth talent in NJ and also work with adults, men and women who play at college, semi pro and pro level. A typical day we have around 3/4 sessions working with individuals/small groups and 2-3 sessions working with clubs doing the technical training. We offer select teams in the winter and summer to train and compete in tournaments. We are club neutral and have good partnerships with teams at all levels. We try to help players and parents with decisions on where to tryout and what would be a good fit for the player.”

With the success of the Academy also came social media popularity. The Academy has over six thousand followers on Instagram and over 96 thousand followers on TikTok, with 1.5 million likes.

How did you come to have such a big following on Instagram and Tiktok?

“We post clips of our session, tutorials and general soccer stuff on social media and have been able to grow our following to over 100k across platforms!” 

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The Teamsterz are back in action against Meadowlands FC this Sunday at 8 AM in Secaucus, NJ.


Player to Watch: Justin Casanovas

This weekend’s match comes with plenty of history. NJTFC’s captain, Justin Casanovas, used to play for Meadowlands FC in addition to other Teamsterz. Along with players, NJTFC Coach Logan Kovach coached at Meadowlands FC in Fall 2020. “Every game is important, but some carry a bit more meaning. It may be due to the standings or club rivalries. This one has a bit of both. So tomorrow, let’s stand ready to strike!” Casanovas said.

The Opponent

Player to Watch: Gustavo Grisales

Grisales is a player who is a threat all over the field. Coach Logan Kovach said of Grisales’ strong strikes, “Any free kick within 35yds of our goal, NJT can consider dangerous.” Meadowlands has talent all over the pitch, but their recent performances show a weak second half performance, with Meadowlands losing their lead and eventually the game in their last two matches. Look for NJTFC to try to capitalize on this no matter what the score is at the half.

Game Information

Sunday 4/25 vs. Meadowlands FC

8:00 AM

Laurel Hill Park, Secaucus, NJ

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SECAUCUS, N.J. — In the early morning rain, the Teamsterz showed up against Meadowlands FC with a 4-0 win on Sunday.

Jordan MacQuarrie, who scored two goals in the first game of the season against Kearny, added two more, including the first of the game. MacQuarrie was dangerous for the Teamsterz all game, opening the field and creating scoring opportunities constantly. With four shots on goal and passing that created more, Coach Logan Kovach said “The data doesn’t lie, Jordan MacQuarrie was hands-down our Man of the Match.”

Two players, Rogger Castillo and Alec Chapoteau, were able to notch their first goals of the season with excellent individual efforts for the other two goals. 

Goalkeeper Jesus Perez earned the first clean sheet of the season, with stellar saves on every Meadowlands shot on goal.

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The Teamsterz are set to play New Jersey FC’s Reserves on May 8 at 8 p.m. in Kearny, New Jersey.


Coming into this game, the Teamsterz “have yet to be scored on”, attributed to their “several well-developed plans of attack”, according to Coach Logan Kovach. Look for the fast paced and confident play to continue from NJTFC, with new additions only elevating the play further.

The Opponent

This weekend’s match is against New Jersey FC Reserves. The starting striker for NJFC, Dan Barreira, is tied for the most goals in the division this season with 10 so far. Kovach said of Barreira, “big, strong, fast, smart, and runs hard” but “nothing our players can’t handle if we bring our A game.”

Game Information

Saturday 5/8 vs New Jersey FC Reserves

8:00 PM

Harvey Field – Kearny, NJ

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KEARNY, N.J. — The Teamsterz continued their hot streak with a 2-1 win against New Jersey FC Reserves on Saturday.

Dan Barreira, the striker to look for prior to the game, scored for NJFC to set the Teamsterz back 1-0. But, backed by Edwin España’s two goals, one off a penalty kick, the Teamsterz were able to keep their winning streak going. Team collaboration, the biggest improvement since the start of the season according to Coach Logan Kovach, shined in the Teamsterz’ comeback victory. “From the sideline you can hear how confident & encouraging they are in/to one another through their communication, you can see it through their passing/positioning, and you can feel it in the air; the energy they bring to the pitch.” Kovach said.

“Our squad believes in themselves, in each other, & in the team.”

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